Photo Gallery

Early morning in Tama Reien:


Tama1 Tama2 Tama3 Tama4 Tama5 Tama6 Tama7 Tama8 Tama14 Tama15 Tama16 Tama17 Tama18 Tama20 Tama21 Tama22 Tama23

It pays to get up early! The morning light was simply magical.

早起きは三文の徳. 朝の光は単に魔法のでした.





Bulletin board ideas for the library: A Good Book Grows on You

In keeping with the school-wide theme of “Rooted, Growing, Seeking,” I created a tree in the library with leaves and books that will change with the seasons. Students were invited to pose with a favorite book “growing” out of them. Below the bulletin board, these favorite books are displayed and are often checked out by friends of the students. The photos will be changed every few weeks.

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