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This view from the trees comes from an author and teacher-librarian living in Japan. The tree that I was climbing taught me about the culture of Japan, the joys and agonies of educational systems, and the blessing of strong limbs. The tree that I am climbing now, invoIves building up an organization, JOEE.jp, that brings free English lessons into orphanages and protective care homes in Japan. I train teacher-volunteers to provide lessons that use songs, games and puppets to engage the learners.

I value education, Ruth Ingulsrud 2014creativity, compassion and justice. When all four are found within the walls of a single classroom, miracles happen. Besides values of cerebrum and soul, I also understand the value of soaking in a natural outdoor hot spring (rotenburo) while snow collects softly on one’s head.

While I listen more than I talk, I still talk more than I write. Work needs to be done to correct this imbalance. I have gone out on a limb to publish my first illustrated children’s story. Ignoring all traditional publishing paths, I started with a digital version of the book and am working backwards towards a print version. The second “Beloved of Beasts” book is under construction. Life is always an adventure when you’re swinging through the trees.

I am lovingly encouraged and supported by three great kids, and a tech-savvy husband.

5 thoughts on “About Ruth Gilmore Ingulsrud

  1. Hi, you contacted me through LinkedIn about your new book currently on iPad. If you would like to send me a code for that book, I would be happy to review it for you on Kid Lit Reviews (see link above). Let me know.

    Thanks for contacting me about your book. It is intriguing.


  2. You message cam to me via LinkedIn. Congrats to your new book!! I’m on my show tour in Canada this week and not able to download to laptop (for some reason). I will do it next week when I go home in Florida.
    Looking forward – Kuniko

  3. hi, lovely! no longer on FB, but my phone number and e-mail have not changed. So proud of my dear, talented, creative, wonderful friend!

  4. There is something about a culture that values soaking like that, especially in outdoor springs. I love Japan!

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