Ripples in the Blogosphere… or Self-Publishing Promotion

Imagine that you are lying in sunlit pool of still water, and you are dreaming. Your dreams are vivid, colorful and profound; but you are the sole spectator and the sole participant. The pool remains still without a single ripple until you sit up and start to share your dream.

An author may write a masterpiece or at least a lovely poem of book that would be a delight to the eyes of many, but if no one knows of the creation, no one but the creator can enjoy it. So here is the frustration of many an independent author who has chosen the path of self-publishing.


The first step is, of course, to make sure that the dream in your soul is written and illustrated in the best and most excellent fashion. Too many self-published books are in dire need of editor and professional artist to rescue them from oblivion. In some cases, there is no earthly help for them and they should become the compost for stronger creations to follow.

If you do have a polished and carefully crafted piece of true literature, then your journey has only begun. The dream is over. It’s time to wake up and make some ripples in the blogosphere. Here are a few places to start:

1. Create a Webpage

  • This website may be dedicated to you as an author or an illustrator, or it may be created for one single literary endeavor; a book or a series of books, etc.
  • Your webpage should be simple, straightforward and well-designed. Keep in mind what it is you want the page to do… promote the book, author or series? become a gathering place for other creators? support educators with lesson plans relating to your book?
  • Update your webpage frequently to keep the content and interest fresh.

2. Create other promotional avenues

  • Consider creating a Facebook page or a Twitter account for the book. (twitter hashtags listed below)
  • Post jacket cover photos on the internet by way of TinyPics. (
  • Become an active poster and sharer on Pinterest, LinkedIn, GoodReads or other social networking sites.

3. Get the word out!

  • Find relevant bloggers that may agree to review your book or mention it in a post. (Possible iBook kid lit reviewers listed below.)
  • Find legitimate book reviewers specific to your genre and intended audience. (These are few and far between for electronic illustrated children’s books.)
  • Try to get some airtime on GoodReads (but if you’re new, your title may not even show up in the search box)
  • Create your own blog posts and review site. (Yes, that’s what I’m doing now)
Keep splashing. Your first attempts to create waves may fall flat. Established publishers do not necessarily want you to succeed. You will have to be persistent and patient. Remember, ripples and waves create more ripples and waves. You never know how far your message will travel. I was recently surprised to find that folks from India, Iran, Indonesia and Italy were clicking on links to my book… and yes, there were some other countries that didn’t start with the letter “I” in there as well.
Good luck to all of you independent, aspiring authors and may all of your ripples be productive.
Relevant Twitter Hashtags for Children’s Literature:

#ebooks, #ibooks, #kidlit (children’s literature), #tlchat (teacher-librarians)

#bookapps (book-like apps for iPad, Android, etc.), #childrensbooks, #dads, #moms

#ece (early childhood education), #edapp (educational app), #ePrdctn (electronic production or book designers)

#kidlitchat, #kidlitPRchat (marketing children’s books), #kids, #kidsbooks

#library, #librarians, #litchat, #literacy

#pblit (picture book literature), #pblitchat (picture book literature chat), #picturebooks

#publishing, #SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators)


Sampling of Kid Lit Reviewers or Bloggers Who May Accept eBooks:

6 thoughts on “Ripples in the Blogosphere… or Self-Publishing Promotion

  1. Thanks so much for the list of sites who review children’s e-books. I am finding it difficult to get the word out about my non-fiction (another problem to find reviewers) e-book for middle grade girls, Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women. I hope to visit schools this spring to interact with my readers. Yes, afterall that’s who we write for. Best wishes!

  2. Thank you so much, Ruth. You have actually solved this mystery and provided me with some wonderful advice. I am truly grateful!

  3. Hello Ruth,
    I have just written children book and am in need to publish it.
    It is a book about adventerous elephants born in New Zealand but
    emigrated to India. Thank you for your advise and I intend to follow it.
    Creating a blog and a website sounds practical. I am an artist and
    have my own website. Would it be o.k to use my art website to promote
    my book or would you rather I created another one?
    Best wishes for the year 2013. Heather

  4. Dear Heather,
    Yes, I think you should use your art website to promote your book. Folks who appreciate your art would be happy to purchase one of your books. My artist has created a link to book purchase through her website. As an independent publisher, the more ways that potential customers can access your books, the better! I created a separate website,, because I intend to create more “Beloved of Beasts” books so the content will be related. You could create your own author website, or change your current website a bit to promote your role as an author as well as an illustrator. Good luck!

  5. That is wonderful that you can schedule some school visits. That is a great way to connect with your readers. Because your stories about successful women will connect on a personal level with the girls that you meet, it is a good idea to create opportunities for personal interactions. I’ll be excited to hear how that turns out!

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